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Noté 5.5/10 par 2 utilisateurs IMDb.
August Never Ends


Synopsis: A story revolving around two friends with very different personalities - the no-nonsense and rebellious Weiyang and the idealist 'Princess' Qiao. When Xiao Qiao met Weiyang, the two easily became close friends. However, Xiao Qiao's fiancee Chao Yan can't help himself as he falls deeply in love with Weiyang, which crushes Xiao Qiao's fairytale love story. Just as the three are entangled in a world of complications, Weiyang makes a surprising decision.

  • Titre original: 八月未央
  • Date de sortie: 16 avril 2021
  • Durée: 1h 35min
  • Genre: Romance
  • De: Kai Li
  • Avec: Elaine Zhong, Luo Jin, Tan Songyun, Tian Yu, Chen Minghao

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